Date: 03 August, 2020
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Invest in Technology to Improve Process. Not the Routine Transactions

“Every organization is a technological giant today”. The statement requires no validation because a business that is not investing resources in technological advancements is tempting fate.

Each business has to be mindful for the latest technologies in its niche and should be swift in deploying state of the art tech stuff to optimize its operations so as to sustain market leadership.

Next critical aspect is deployment of technology in the value chain. Many business houses make the neglectful decision of investing technological resources in day-to-day operations while overlooking the processes that actually dictate the future of the business in the long run. A company investing in AI to streamline routine transactions but not investing in a Learning Management System (LMS) to educate and equip employees with the latest technology trends is an example of such hasty investment in technology.

Although, a business definitely needs advanced technologies to streamline its routine operations but the processes that encompass those operations need more consideration when it comes to investing in technological implements.

What are your thoughts?